Beach Safaris

Our beach safaris basically are centered within the Indian Ocean. Favorite spots include Diani and Nyali Beaches, that are part of Mombasa beach. We also have Malindi beach that is characterized by its strong ocean waves. All these locations have an array of numerous beach hotels for you to stay in. Lamu Island Beaches have an attraction of their own with their very authentic nature and unaffected by the rapid civilization changes. Further down North, along Tanzania we have Beach Hotels that lie within the capital Dar es Salaam and of course the Zanzibar white beaches.
Marine life, which is protected by Kenya Wildlife Services, is abundant here. There are plenty of activities to be enjoyed here which include: snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing, excursions to museums like the famous Fort Jesus, Gede Ruins and the Vasco Da Gama Piller. Aqua sporting activities, game drives to nearby parks like the Tsavo National Park are also a must. The coastal region is also a very romantic spot that even we Kenyans never get enough of it.