Butterfly Education

Butterfly And Education Centre

It’s a place where something new is to be learnt every visit. A live butterfly house. Flying house resplendent with Kenyan butterflies.

The caterpillar cave offers one of the most delicious meals you are likely to find in a Nairobi shop.

You can also get the most amazing butterfly memorabilia.

Nairobi Africa Butterfly Center in KenyaButterfly Center in Kenya is the second world largest butterfly center after the main British Museum of Natural History in London. The butterfly center offers visitors a special informative and impressive excitement on butterflies rearing and their beauty with an added attraction offered to Eco-tourists .

The main aim of the center is to create awareness of conservation of African butterflies and butterfly experts from all over the world will be able to do their research in the library there. Steve Collins,the founder named one butterfly in honour of Leaky, who once headed the Kenya Wildlife Services, as a sign of his service to conservation in Africa.

(This tour can be combined with any other Nairobi day excursions)

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