Mamba Villa

Mamba Village

An awesome tourist attraction that combines wildlife farming, conservation and environment friendly quarry; it is where you will view a good selection of the most interesting members of the animal kingdom in their natural habitat.

Upon your arrival, a video presentation is shown displaying the reptile kingdoms’ characteristics and habitats. Some of the few things discussed are:

* Reptiles have been living for more than 400 million years on Earth.

* Reptiles that can forge pressure, with their jaws, weighing 40,000 kilos into 1 sq. cm

* Reptiles can live up to 120 years and reach 21 feet with more than one ton of body weight.

The Mamba Village is divided into the following sections:

Crocodile Farm
Displays the age, weight and length of crocodiles. You will also see hatchlings to 5 meter long “big daddy” –the man eating monster, sun basking along the tropical garden trail. At five pm. daily, the crocodiles are fed and you can see them jump high in the air to snap the meat.

Camel Riding
Unforgettable and unique Somali camel riding experience at camel’s headquarters “Mamba Desert Express”.

Horse Riding
Riding lessons and, beach riding tours, everyday from 8.00 am. up to 6.00 pm.

Mamba Restaurant
Overlooking the crocodile pond, a unique “a la carte” restaurant serves game meat like crocodile, ostrich and zebra meat among other delicacies.

Crocodile Bar
Cozy and romantic bar. Open everyday from 9.00 am.

Floral Magic
Beautiful collection of plants and flowers specializing in orchids and aquatic flora. They also have on display carnivorous species, marine aquarium and snakes.